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GetTube is a really simple app for downloading YouTube videos. With this tool, you can store any video hosted on the popular video platform to your device, so you can watch your favorite videos over and over without draining your data plan.

The interface in GetTube is both convenient and simple. The interface is exactly like YouTube's so you won't have any trouble at all when navigating the page. Search for the video you want just like you would directly from the video platform itself. If you're not sure exactly what to search for, just enter a keyword and look through the list of possible results. Once you find and select the video, you just have to tap the download button. Then, you'll see a menu with all the download options, where you can select the quality you want depending on how much memory space you want the video to use. This app also gives you the possibility to extract only the audio, letting you create your own music library via YouTube videos.